Like most projects, it started simple enough. The goal, organize the shelves on the fleet of ambulances at work. A combination of bin boxes, tackle box organizers, office/desk organizers and an assortment of supplies left in original packaging was doing the job. It was functional, but it wouldn't be hard to beat. Right?


We could not have been more wrong. We searched the Internet, trade magazines, EMS medical suppliers and any company in the business of organizing we could find. All we found was stuff we were already using, had used before or saw another organization using. Nobody was producing a product for ambulance organization, not even the ambulance manufacturers.

Not willing to scrap the project, after all it was our idea, the decision was made to build our own organizers and we got to work. The first ambulance took awhile, but the result was 21 custom organizers and every piece of equipment had a place. It looked great and the feedback from our coworkers was even better. Easier to work out of, inventory time cut in half and looks great. We set out to build and organize the rest of the fleet.


We had barely started working on the second ambulance, but we were already coming up with the business plan. We had created a product that other people wanted and it was exciting. Over 100 unique organizers and several ambulances later the company fleet was done and a business was born. Crews enjoy the new organized workspace, vehicles get turned around quicker, overstock is in the past and crews take more pride in the vehicles.

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